Breakdance Help

Coffee Grinder

This is a very easy move that can be learned in a minute. All you do is rotate your right leg in a circular motion around your body. It doesn't take any strenghth, and it only takes a little bit of balance. A key to doing this move fast and smooth is to have your right leg never touch the ground. This move can be placed after step 4 of the six step.

Step 1

Start off with your left leg bent in the squat position and your right leg extended out.

Step 2

Move your right leg in a circular motion counter clockwise towards your left foot. The bBoy in this picture has his right leg on the ground. He was just posing for the picture. It is much better to not have your right leg ever touch the ground.

Step 3

Continue to move your right leg so that it is about to touch your left leg.

Step 4

Jump over your right leg with your left leg so that they don't touch and your right leg can continue to complete its circle around your body

Step 5

Move your right leg behind your left leg, and continue the circular motion.

Step 6

Keep rotating your foot around your body, go back to step 1 and keep on circling.

In the video below, two synchronized bBoys do two coffee grinders. After that, they do a L-Kick.