Breakdance Help


This is a really good move to show off to people and to take pictures with. These directions are meant for people who are right handed, so if you are left handed, revese all of these directions.

Step 1

First start off in a standing position like I am right now.

Step 2

Place your right leg behind and across your left leg. This is done to build up momentum to get up into the pose. Meanwhile, start to put your right hand down.

Step 3

Place your right hand down and get ready to kick your left leg up into the air. Keep in mind that all of these steps are put together to form a move that only lasts a matter of seconds, so each of these steps is really quick

Step 4

Swing your left leg up really fast and hard. A good tip is to try to kick your head with your left leg

Step 5

Continue to bring your left leg up towards your head. Then push off of the ground with your right leg and start to bend your hips.

Step 6

This picture shows what the final step should look like. Your hips REALLY need to bend alot. A really good thing to think about while doing this trick is to try to keep the sides of your stomach parallel to the ground.

In the video below, two synchronized bBoys do L-Kicks right after they do two coffee grinders.