Breakdance Help

Six Step

This is the most basic breakdancing move that there is. It doesn't look cool or anything, but it is the base for all of your footwork. It is perfect for connecting moves together too. Almost every breakdancer starts his/her combo off with the six step.

Step 1

Start off in the pushup position. Try not to put your lower palm on the ground ever during this move, because that only makes it harder to move around.

Step 2

Move your left leg underneath your right leg so that it is next to your right hand. The bBoy in this picture lifted up his right hand. This is optional.

Step 3

Move your right leg forward so that your left hand, right leg, and left leg are all forming a rough line.

Step 4

Move your left leg so that you are almost in a squat position. Sounds wierd, put it really isn't because each of these steps are really short.

Step 5

Move your right leg infront of your bended left leg. This should have the same swooping motion as a Coffee Grinder.

Step 6

Move your left leg back and extend it so it is straight.

Step 7

Finally, move your right leg underneath your left leg so that you end up in the same push-up postion that you started out with. To do this move again, just repeat from step 2.