Breakdance Help

 Tutorials that actually help! ^^Check out the above links ^^

This site is perfect for you because this site not only teaches you how to do all of the moves, but it also shows how to connect them to form combos.  If you are having trouble learning how to do power moves (windmills, flares), this site shows how to trick people into thinking you can do these moves by incorporating pieces of them in between other moves in a combo. Click on the links above and check out my tutorials. This site is still under construction. So you may see links to tutorials that don't work.

Community Gallery

Email me pictures of yourself bBoying along with your bBoy names so I can post them in the Community gallery. My email address is You can also go to the "contact me" page by clicking the link on the top.

If you have any specific questions and need help, feel free to email me. You can also email me if you want anything to be added to this site.

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