Breakdance Help

Hand Glide

The hand glide is a really cool old school move. All you do is a one-handed cricket, and spin around on that one hand using something that can slide on the ground. I normally pull my sleeve over my hand, but other breakdancers use anything from gloves to a piece of paper.

Step 1

Start on your knees. You need to wind up to bild momentum, so you do this by mutting your left hand back. You need to cover your right hand with a sleeve or something slippery, since that is the most important part (Its the hand that does the spinning). Yeah, so put your left hand back and your right hand on the ground.

Step 2

Swing your left hand on the ground. The left hand is used to push yourself in a circle while doing the move. Meanwhile, put your right hand in your stomach like you do in a one-handed cricket.

Step 3

Lift your feet off the ground and start with a little push from your left hand. During this move, the left hand is used to keep balance too.

Step 4

Keep on spinning by using your left hand to push.

Step 5

Once you get enough speed. Take your left hand off of the ground and spin around on the ground using only your right hand. A cool thing to do once you get really good at this move is to bring your feet in, which makes you spin really fast.

The video below shows some guy wearing wierd yellow pants doing this move.