Breakdance Help


There are many types of Stabs, so here I'll just show you the basic ones.

Cricket Pose

The cricket is the easiest stab, and it must be learned before doing any other poses. You need to start off with your hands in your stomach like the bBoy is doing on the picture to the left.


After kneeling on the ground, just go forward until both hands are on the ground. Lift your feet and head up and find the right balance so that the only part of your body on the ground are your hands.


This is a one handed cricket pose. It is also used to start a windmill.


This pose is perfect for showing off to people by doing it on tables, cars, chairs, ... anything!

One Handed Pose

Instead of having both hands on the ground, you only have on hand down, and your head is leaning on the ground. The hand that is not on your stomach is also on the ground which helps to maintain balance.


Your feet can be positioned like this to make a cool pose. This pose always looks better if you grab your foot with your balancing arm.


Here, two bBoys are doing this pose while a girl does a buttlerfly over them.