Breakdance Help


This move is really hard to capture each step in a picture, so Im just gonna show a random slow motion video and write down all the steps out for you. These directions are for right handed people, if you are more comfortable with your left hand, switch every direction. Here's the video:

Step 1

Stand with your feet pretty far apart. Bend your left knee just a little bit and put your right hand infront of you on the ground.

Step 2

Swing your right leg in a circular motion clockwise behind you. When your right leg gets close to your left foot, push off of the ground with your left foot. Try to kick your left foot as high as you can. (To make things easier, you can put your right foot on the ground before kicking your left leg into the air. I personally prefer this, put the person in the video doesnt to this.

Step 3

Push off of the ground with your right foot and try to reach it as high as you can. if you listened to the parethesis. If you didnt, just swing your right foot around and up. Your feet should make a V shape. Swing all the way back around and try to land both feet in a similar position to the one you started in.