Breakdance Help

Kip Up

This is a karate style get up move. It can be done to get out of an elbow pose. For that tutorial, look at "Connecting the Moves" above.

Step 1

Start on your back, ready to bring your knees towards your chest.

Step 2

Bring your knees towards your chest. At the same time, start to bring your hands backwards towards the ground as I am doing in this picture.

Step 3

Kick your feet up as hard as you can up towards the cieling (sky). Don't worry about kicking forward at all, because your hands are whats going to be doing that.

Step 4

Push up into the air with your hands as hard as you can. Don't worry too much about going forward, because it kinda happens by itself.

Step 5

This picture doesn't show this next step too well. What you need to do to complete this move is to throw your arms forward so they are tucked in front of your chest.

Step 6

Keep the momentum and follow through. I'm not doing this in the picture, but you need to tuck your arms infront of your chest if you are just learning this move.

Step 7

End off in the position that I am in in the picture. If you want, you han stand up instead of going into this position like the guy is doing in the video below.