Breakdance Help

Elbow Poses

Elbow poses are a variation of a handstand. Its basically the same thing, except you are balancing on your forearms.

Step 1

Start off on your knees with your two hands together like I am doing in this picture. You can cross your fingers, or just hold both hands next to eachother in fists. I really doesn't make much of a difference.

Step 2

Putt both hands on the ground so your forearms are also flat on the ground.

Step 3

Lift up your right foo towards the air. You don't actually have to be pushing off of the ground with this leg.

Step 4

Push off of the ground with your left foot.

Step 5

With both feet in the air, find the right balance, and hit a pose with your legs. This is a really simple pose where all you do is put your left foot sideways on your right shin.

This same exact pose is done at the end of this video below.