Breakdance Help


Broncos are when you jump into a handstand, and from the handstand jump off back onto your feet. Then you do this over and over again really fast.

Step 1

Start with your feet shoulder length apart and your hands out ready to jump into a handstand.

Step 2

Get ready to jump into the handstand. Its important that you jump into the handstand with both feet at the same time. This isn't as important on the first bronco, but if you want to repeat this move several times consecutively, youll have to jump off of both feet.

Step 3

In the hand stand position, bring your legs up and over so that they are danglingling over your head.

Step 4

Now that your feet are dangling over your head, spring them back the way they came as hard as you can. You should also use your hands to push off the ground.

Step 5

Bring the rest of your body up and try to land the way you started off. It might help to land with your knees slightly bent the first couple of times.

Step 6

You can end after doing one bronco, or you can keep on doing more by just letting your feet tap the floor until you jump off of them again to do another one.


Below it what this move should look like